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Gregory Collins

April 1, 2020 - It seems all of my friends and family are taking the virus seriously. That helps me not worry so much about them. I have a very small circle and to lose anyone to the virus would really be terrible. No hospital visit, no funeral, no gathering of family and friends to morn. Just terrible, my best wishes go out to those that have had to go through a death during Covid-19. I'm not a worrying kind of person but this virus has changed me. The virus has taken the very things humans need. It is desensitizing, numbing us to death and loss so quickly. The news reporters are having a hard time moving between stories of loss, numbers and other news. They are moving so fast they can't change the mood appropriately for the content of the story making it just another blip of news. Humans need appropriate presentation of serious subjects to feel the gravity of the story being told. It's like saying don't run out in front of the truck and then giving a kid a ice cream cone. Doesn't work - I kind of feel like people a enjoying the ice cream and the truck is barreling down the road.