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Gregory Collins

Apr 22, 2020 I haven't received any unemployment funds to date. I filed over a month ago and nothing. Millions are in the same boat. Many can't even get on their States unemployment website because the sites keep crashing. No funds, no one answers the phone, email are not answered - Just compete over load. Our government can not respond to the needs at hand. Now I understand my grandparents frugality. They lived through the great depression. I hope we don't get to soup lines on the street! Maybe it is just that already. Kids are not going to school so they don't have access to the meals they would get. School districts are stepping up and providing lunches with drive by pick up. Also over 10 million people are out of work and unemployment services has not been able to get checks to people. The news was showing 1.5 mile-long line of cars waiting to pick up food at a food bank. So fast the country is cracking and we now truly see what it is made of.