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Gregory Collins

March 19 Italy's military deployed to transport bodies of those killed by coronavirus outbreak. This is terrible they just had images of military trucks rolling down the city streets with bodies of victims Covid-19. Crematories are totally full! The military is moving the bodies to outlining crematories and storage. Just shocking to see in this day and age. The world is starting to lock down fast. The virus has been among us and lack of action has cost lives. "There is so much we don't know" is what the scientist are saying. Horrible - loved ones can not even be with their loved ones in the hospital. Hospitals are on full lock down only staff and patients. Families are saying their goodbyes to loved ones by walkie-talkies, phones and ipads. My god how hard that must be. That's the patients that are still able to communicate. Many patients are put under so they can be on ventilator. A crazy amount of patients that go on a ventilator don't make it. A ventilator is all they have to help patients and it has a 80 some percent chance patients don't survive!